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Five Senses Restaurant lets you succumb to the senses

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The restaurant at
ASTRA SUITES is a feast for
each of the senses

This restaurant of Astra Suites is not only a fine dining destination, it is a feast for each of the five senses.

The unobstructed view of the caldera from the restaurant’s vantage point is a visual treat, the exquisite plating is sheer poetry as are the vivid hues of Santorini’s famed sunsets.

The happy chatter of your fellow guests, the tinkling of wine glasses to toast life and the sizzling on your plate is a celebration of Santorini’s own playlist of joyous sounds.

The heady summer scents of jasmine, the whiffs of wild rosemary from Imerovigli’s slopes, the aromas wafting from a simple, refined Mediterranean dish, all designed to elevate your sensory experience.

Feel the unique textures played out on your plate as in the beauty around you. The crispness of a local white wine, accentuating the succulence of sun-kissed tomatoes, the briny freshness of sea urchins, a creamy fava and perfectly seared fish.

The sun, sea and volcanic soil of Santorini collide to create dramatic wines and produce so distinctive, your palate will be tickled by the sophisticated simplicity of our Five Senses Restaurant.

Five Senses draws from the island’s rich culinary tradition and gives it a refined touch, to create the magical dining experience dreams are made of.


Our simple yet elegant menu of classic Greek & Mediterranean cuisine, with a distinct Santorini touch, adds another dimension to your Santorini experience.

Savour local delicacies, get better acquainted with Santorini’s celebrated wines, and end your dinner on a sweet note with a sumptuous choice of desserts — all within just a few steps of your Astra Suites home. Alternatively, stop by the pool bar for a nightcap and let your magical evening continue.

Lunch by the Pergola Terrace

Enjoy a simple, elegant meal by the pool or order it on your balcony or have a leisurely meal on our Pergola Terrace.

Private Dining

We are all for amping up the romance so if it’s a gourmet candlelit dinner in the comfort of your own private balcony, or regular room service, we are delighted to indulge you.

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    03 pool bar

    Endless vistas of rock and the deep blue sea


    Whether spending a sunny afternoon by the pool, enjoying a fabulous sunset, or looking for a quiet nightcap, the Astra Suites Pool Bar provides the perfect destination to elevate your spirits.

    Our highly skilled and creative bartender has distinguished himself as a keen mixologist with a special gift for discovering each customer’s uniquely personal taste. As he whips up a signature cocktail tailored just for you, relax and enjoy the view — an experience you will savour!

    Order refreshing beverages and light meals during the day, drop in for a pre-dinner cocktail, or spend the evening with a delightful bottle of Santorini wine, accompanied by mellow music and friendly conversation.

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