Physical Status Checklist
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Dear customers, welcome!
Another summer, another story!
We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay in our hotel but due to the recent pandemic, our priority is to remain safe.
That's why we've trained our staff to minimize the risk of transmitting and spreading the new virus, Covid-19, and we've also staffed our hotel with a doctor trained in this new type of virus.
First of all, individual responsibility is important.
For this reason, we would ask you to contribute in your own way to avoid unpleasant events.
We have created an application where you will be able to check any changes in your health every day, for example if you feel weak, have a cough, etc.
In this simple way we protect ourselves and those around us, always respecting personal data and being fully in line with what the law stipulates.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and we wish you, once again, a pleasant stay on our wonderful island!
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