Body Work
View the body work treatments provided at the Astra Suites Spa Hotel in Santorini.
Holistic massage
A fusion of eastern and western techniques aimed at harmonising the whole system. The use of long strokes, kneading and stimulation of pressure points encourages the muscles to relax, dissolving tension. Rocking and passive stretching releases joints and stretches connective tissue. Gentle holds stimulate chi, re-balancing the body’s energy system. The use of high quality essential oils have a penetrating effect on the body, mind and nervous system.

Deep Tissue massage
An intense and deep session using fingers, fists and elbows to unlock chronic tightness and blockages in the soft tissue. Cross-fibre work encourages circulation while a strong connection with pressure points trigger the deep release of fascia. A period of stillness is induced at completion to help allow the body to fully integrate the session.

Traditional Thai massage
An ancient healing art based on the concept of energy traditional Thai massage is a unique synthesis of acupressure, reflexology and stretching. Through the application of pressure, blood circulation is improved, the lymphatic and immune systems are reinforced and the functions of internal organs are strengthened. Progressive stretches help re-establish flexibility whilst the balancing of energy helps with general revitalisation of the body, promoting a sense or wellbeing and deep relaxation for the whole system.

Shiatsu massage
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu balances the body’s energy levels. Stretching, palm pressure and the stimulation of acupressure points relieves muscular-skeletal problems, stiffness and fatigue. Shiatsu can restore normal energy flow, resulting in better health and spiritual balance.

Prenatal massage
A wonderfully soothing session combining acupressure, reflexology, soft tissue work and gentle stretches. Addressing the body’s changing needs during this special time, prenatal massage will enhance circulation, improve digestion, reduce swelling and relieve discomfort. Specific essential oils are used that are highly beneficial and absolutely safe for use during pregnancy.

Reiki is a universal healing energy that promotes self-awareness and self-healing. This energy is transmitted by the light touch of hands in specific positions across the body.

Reiki is deeply relaxing and highly beneficial for balancing our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

Indian Head Massage
Based on Ayurvedic marma points, Indian Head Massage focuses on the back, neck and head. Essential oils are selected to help quiet the mind and release stress and tension from the body. Warmed olive oil is applied to nourish the scalp and condition the hair.