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圣托里尼岛阿斯特拉(Astra)套房酒店奢华套房 圣托里尼岛易莫洛林酒店房间住宿




*Outdoor terrace: Located on a higher floor so it offers a higher degree of privacy. You cannot be seen by other guests passing by in front of you, as on the ground floor level.

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  • 小型巴士/面包车的标准接送服务,单程费用为20欧元/两人。 (有可能会在路程中因额外的顾客进行额外的停靠。)

  • 阿斯特拉(Astra)私用交通工具的港口或机场接送服务,单程费用为35欧元/两人。 (直接,没有额外的停止,可能会或可能不会包括其他雅特客人)

  • 每位额外的客人,单程附加费用为5欧元。

Privacy Note

While each accommodation does have it’s own private balcony or terrace, this means the space is yours alone and is not shared with other guests, it does not mean you cannot be seen by anyone, as the building of walls and partitions would block the beautiful caldera scenery you come here to enjoy. That said, the Superior, Honeymoon and Pool Suites are the most private accommodations possible, so we encourage you to book only these categories if you wish maximum privacy in this type of setting.

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